QN-H618 Host of remote controller remote master

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QN-H618 Host of remote controller remote master

The machine has: remote control of data detection, data comparison, copy, edit (regeneration) function, 2: You can copy type copy 125khz-135khz proximity card (RFID), in English and Chinese conversion menu for a fixed code, learning code, part of the a variety of rolling code remote control reproduction, regeneration, the measured frequency from 25Mhz —- 1Ghz. (including car alarm, garage door remote control, electric control door remote control. can quickly copy and frequency measurement, optional sub-machine . operation easy to learn. high-quality products, providing wholesale.

1. A number of garage door remote control analysis of information is integrated in one machine, if only a remote control, you can copy the large number of brands of garage door. Remove the backlog of all kinds of garage door troubles. Compatible with the fixed code, e-code , and some rolling code. facilitate the maintenance inspection.

2. The remote analysis of justice, joined some of the original car remote control information can be directly copied, to facilitate folding or repair remote control to change. You can also copy the regeneration, to help the guests to add a new remote control. Of the original car remote control information, including the F3. Great Wall New Excelle, Corolla, Vios, JAC, JMC …….. a series of remote control information of the original car. With our efforts, there will be more of the original car remote control via wireless upgrades, to help you free of charge to add .

3. With high-precision frequency detection function can be obtained from 25Mhz —- 1Ghz.

4. Remote comparison functionality, if you use Duikao, or after the remote copy, you can easily master the original remote control and remote replication differences, so that your guests satisfied.

5. Remote regeneration feature, just one key message, you can generate the four keys of the remote control, giving you a tremendous help maintenance.

6. Data checking feature that allows you to easily judge the guest remote control information
(Rolling codes, e-code, etc.).

7. Containing RF card copy function, no need to purchase other machinery,
Direct copying of general non-contact type ID card (RFID).

8. In Chinese and English conversion, USB interface, support online upgrade

Can copy the original car remote control car: BYD F3 Familia, Premacy, Toyota Corolla, Vios Excelle, GL8 SPEAK Epica the Great Wall of Harvard BenBen, Elysee Blue Jays

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