Jingji L3 Vertical key cutting machine

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Jingji L3 Vertical key cutting machine

1.Calibration system indicated by LED light makes precisely cutting

2.Cutter speed regulated to 8500rpm, spring loaded tracer point makes perfect depth alignment
3.Cutting depth locking mechanism, removable jaw makes duplicating more convenient
4.Four- sided revolving clamps with tilting mechanism, just move up and rotate the mechanism untill the most appropritate of the four faces is displayed
5.Cutter and tracer inserted by means of the knob saves time and energy

6.Structured with aluminum alloyed casting technique guarantees absence of vibration during cutting phase

1.Cutter ins erti ng knob
2.Cutter s et up/ r em ov e button
3.Armres t support
4.Cali bration light
5.X, Y axi s slide handl e
6.Cutter ins ert axis
7.LED light
8.Trac er ins ert axis
9.J aw tilting ac tivate k nob
10.Cl am p to s ec ure k ey blank
11.J aw s ecure/ remove bar
12.X ax is movement l ocki ng bar
13.Cutting depth l ock ing handle
14.Tracer grip l ockr ing
15.Tracer depths adjustment k nob
16.Power so cke t A C110 V/2 20V
17.Ca librat ion lig ht
18.Cutting speed c ontrol knob
19.Calibration button
20.Main power sw itc h
21.Clamp to secure original key

Competitive L3 parameters and functions:

1: input voltage: AC110V-AC230V
Current 8.3A Max 148W 50-60HZ
2: tool leveling indicator
3: spindle motor with adjustable speed: speed 0-8000rpm milling cutter)
4: X.Y-axis motion using linear axis structure (base without shaking)
5: Z shaft moving up and down using the rotation handle disc structure
6: two-sided fixture 45 degrees to the left, move around and change
7: Y advance the shaft can be positioned (to facilitate clamping keys)
8: the mode pin function
9: alloy die-casting machine
10: X shaft, pulling bar, positioning
11: head down and split the body structure
12: the left hand moving base Rails
13: hand-screw spindle clamp fast loading structure
Weight: 390mm*305mm*390mm
Weight: 15.5KG


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